About Us

Who are we ?

Trigoodi was born from the meeting between 2 creators Nicolas Héger and Thomas Perroteau, who together asked themselves questions as basic as : 
Why throw away what can be used? 
Does the raw material have only one life? 
Is consuming equal to throwing away? 
And who said to themselves : 
raw material has no end as long as it finds someone to use it.



Everything can serve creation, imagination is the only limit.

Our ambition :

To automate recreation for the benefit of companies, creators and the environment. When material has lost its primary interest, why it was produced, why it was useful, there is always a possibility to transform it to give it back interest. 

This approach must become a reflex. It's pretty for the planet!

Basic principles :

Trigoodi is based on the principle of a circular and solidarity economy between companies/individuals and creators. The companies/individuals offer to the creators what has become useless to them, either raw materials, or proofs, or unsold goods or any other material which they do not use anymore. 

The creators transform this material to give it back some meaning, either aesthetic or practical.

Philosophy :

Today the road to a more responsible consumption is taken. The words fair trade, equitable, recycle, good for the planet ... resonate in all consciousness. Organic is becoming the standard for western consumer products. On the other hand, everything is still chewed up, everything is standardized in aseptic fashions... you have to be like that, think like that, dress like that, eat like that... to be part of those and unconsciously, we follow. So in the same way that there is an alternative to "irresponsible" consumption, there is an alternative to formatted thinking, CREATE! It is in this way that Trigoodi is committed, to introduce in the current process of responsibility, the word "creation" for less formatted lives, so that the word freedom is not the poor relation of this new more responsible life that we are promised.

Towards an aesthetic innovation of unused materials :

By introducing the waste in the creative circuits, we tend towards new innovations. The imagination of the creators is in the service of recycling, the "unused" feed their imaginations. Associating recycling and creation initiates a new process which then becomes a playful and amusing exercise. What can I create with this? This is one of the challenges of Trigoodi!

Patronage for all :

The art market is biased, it generates inequalities and above all, an important rate of precariousness among creators. The majority of them struggle to make a living. Even buying material is sometimes impossible for them. Trigoodi partially solves this problem. On the one hand, the creators can get material for free, but better still, they can be financed by a company to create from their unused resources. The company then becomes the creator's patron.  

Creator of links, convergence of environments :

The creators see the corporate world opening up to them. Links between creators and companies are forged, both aiming at a sustainable and responsible development. Companies become aware of art through recycling. The creators understand better the production cycle of the companies. A new and more sustainable Eco-system emerges.

No storage, no unnecessary travel ...

The geo-localization of unused resources encourages exchanges. The creators come and get their supplies directly from nearby companies or individuals. This reduces travel and storage costs and allows for a better understanding of the unused resources of a territory.

Support of young creation, the world of tomorrow.

By partnering with art schools, Trigoodi targets young creators and makes them aware of the ecological and economic interest of recycling available resources from the start of their artistic career.